Watercolor Originals and Archival Prints by Rachel Byler


rachel byler

The Serious Stuff

I am Rachel Byler an artist and the creator of The Colorful Cat Studio! I live in South Central Pennsylvania where my husband and I share our home with our german shepherd Beorn and the four cats of the studio Pippin, Kovu, Timber, and Baloo. A full house and yes we vacuum a lot! ( : My background in art started at a very young age and eventually led me to change my major and I graduated with a BS in Art Education from Messiah College. I am working full time as an artist and loving every minute! I strive always to improve and am constantly trying to seek beauty and embrace imperfection.

Although I love many forms of art, I am particularly drawn to watercolor because of the versatility that it allows as far as being able to pick up and paint wherever. I love having to work with the flow of the water. The most beautiful washes and blooms come about when you give more control to the movement of the water. I find freedom and calm in painting as it allows me to wander. Green is my absolute favorite color. Sap green and phthalo green almost always work their way into each of my paintings. My inspiration comes from nature. I like to study and recreate the gorgeous masterpieces found in the sea and sky. I also have been impacted very deeply by books and lore. I grew up reading The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and other various fantasy books, which helped shape my imagination and creativity. I find that reading (like painting) lets you enter a world of your own and inspires me daily.

——> A note about my process <——

All of my art (with the exception of the Xlarge prints) is printed by me, here in the studio. By printing to order I am able to create a fresh print every time an order is placed. While this process is much more time consuming I find it’s worth it, and can offer you the highest quality prints, custom sizes, and it allows me to inspect every single print.

The Fun Stuff

Let me tell you a little bit about me! I love donuts and animals. I love all animals but especially cats. ( : I like rainy days and yoga. (although I am not very good!) I have always wanted to travel to a rainforest and finally did it this year!!! The beach is my happy place. Most days I leave the music off while I paint and my imagination gets the best of me. I get lost in different worlds and times. Most often I find myself in the halls of Hogwarts, or the twisted paths of Mirkwood. Some days I just get anxious and I paint to calm my mind and forget about the daily stressors in life. I really really love to laugh. I like traditions, family time, and Christmas. I have a weakness for french fries and home decor stores. I love leather! Leather journals, bags, boots, anything really. I love making, creating, designing, and decorating! I LOVE greenhouses and plants and big knit blankets. And my friends, life is too short to not have fried chicken and Jesus.

❤ Rachel

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